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Tomato/MLPPP mp3alpha7 released - Feb 27th, 00h23 EST
The primary fix here is a packet re-assembly bug that allows ISPS that use packet splitting (Caneris, Acanac, SCS, etc) to use Tomato/MLPPP on multi-line setups. We've also brought the base Tomato up to v1.27.

We also have some exciting news: Gabe at TekSavvy is working on native (non-tunneled) IPv6 support for Tomato/MLPPP, which we hope to merge in in the next release (alpha 8).

Tomato/MLPPP mp3alpha6 released - Oct 16th, 02h02 EDT
After a long hiatus, we're happy to announce the release of Tomato/MLPPP v1.25-mp3alpha6. This release brings us up to date with the latest build of Tomato, and makes some other minor fixes. The most important one is an update to the default LCP settings that should significantly improve stability due to incorrect settings used in alpha 4 and 5.

ZeroShell/MLPPP and Linux/MLPPP announced/released - Dec 16th, 19h18 EST
I'm proud to announce the release of the first alphas of ZeroShell/MLPPP and Linux/MLPPP. These two projects bring intelligent MLPPP management to the ZeroShell routing distribution and generic Linux distributions respectively.

More information and instructions can be found in this DSL Reports thread. Both pieces of software can be downloaded on the Download page.

Tomato/MLPPP v3alpha4 released - Nov 19th, 03h20 EST
This is a small update that improves dead link detection, adds an indication as to which port forwarding rules involve 1:1 NAT, and includes the long-awaited ND build at last.

Tomato/MLPPP v3alpha3 released - Nov 8th, 10h34 EST
This is a quick fix to a problem some people were having with port forwarding in alpha 2; port forwarding should work for everybody again.

Tomato/MLPPP v3alpha2 released - Nov 6th, 03h42 EST
The first "real" alpha of mp3 is out. The two new major features in this release are full 1:1 NAT support (useful if you have multiple IPs), and UI support for routing to the IP of the modem on your WAN port (makes DMT and the like easy). Changelog can be seen on the Documentation page. Unfortunately, the ND version isn't ready in time for this release, but we'll have it done by the final build of mp3. In addition, UPnP currently does not work with 1:1 NAT, that'll also be fixed by final. It still works fine when not using 1:1 NAT, though.

We haven't made the source for alpha2 available yet (it takes a while to make a patch), but we're setting up a GIT repository to handle source distribution in the future. This will make releasing the source much easier.

Tomato/MLPPP v3alpha1 released - Aug 10th, 04h30 EDT
We've just released a new unstable version of Tomato/MLPPP. Technically this release is v1.21-mp2 (v2 with the Tomato core updated to v1.21), however it should be considered as an alpha release of version 3 of Tomato/MLPPP. As usual with our unstable releases, it comes with no source (available upon request) or documentation. Other features planned for v3 of Tomato/MLPPP include 1:1 NAT support along with various bug fixes. Some other plans have been pushed back to v4, and we'll discuss those as we get close to the launch of v3.

Donation target reached - Jul 20th, 12h02 EDT
Thanks for your generosity! We have reached our current donation target for covering all expenses we forsee at this point. We'll put the donation link up again if there are further expenses to cover.

Tomato/MLPPP v2 released and launched - Jul 17th, 02h00 EDT
We are proud to announce that v2 of Tomato/MLPPP has been released. This is a major update to Tomato/MLPPP that vastly improves stability and reliability. It can be downloaded on the Download page. The documentation for this release can also be seen on the Documentation page, or the ReadMe.htm file included in the download.

Today also marks the official launch of, the new official home of the Tomato/MLPPP firmware. We've got a lot more planned for the site, but for now we're just launching it with the basic functionality.

Site created - Jun 24th, 17h22 EDT
The design and layout of the site have been finalized, and some content has been put up.